History on Tap – Sex in the 1920’s | March 20

March 20, 2019 | 7pm at Shawnee Town Hall

This year, Shawnee Town will celebrate the iconic 1920’s with our new series, History on Tap, bringing together presentations on subjects that the decade is most readily associated with – sex, gangsters, bootlegging, and baseball. A different local brewery will be on hand each of the four evenings this year to showcase their wares.

Short skirts, shorter hair, revealing lingerie, and loose morals are what most of us associate with the decade of the flapper. Was this the norm or that of a small group of pampered young women flouting their angst at Mama? Come and find out at our first History on Tap!

Place: Town Hall, 11600 Johnson Drive
Tickets: $5 RSVP at 248-2360 Space limited!


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