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April 27 @ 09:00 am |
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Buying a bra is not as sexy as commercials on TV make it seem, especially for those who can’t afford the right one.

“By not having the right bra, that can turn your whole day upside down,” said Tiffany Price, organizer of Hold Em Up 4 Care.

Price recently launched the initiative through the Parent Leadership Training Institute. Her goal is to help young women in the inner city feel good about themselves by giving them something as simple as the right bra.

“The cheapest I found, and this is for the bustier girls, was $58. That’s a lot of money for one bra for someone that can’t afford it,” Price said.

She’s planning an event in July where professionals will help fit girls for their right bra size, and they will learn how to do a breast self-exam.

The event is for girls ages nine to 19 who live in the inner cities of Kansas City. Each girl will go home with one to two bras. If they can’t find their size, they’ll receive a voucher to go buy one.

At Young Women on the Move , a mentoring program for girls in Kansas City, Kansas, the conversation focused on the annoyances of bras: they’re uncomfortable, the wire pokes out, they’re tight, they make you feel sweaty — and so on.

“With some people that go to my school, they have bigger breasts than other people so normally they wear hoodies. Some people say they want to get surgery but don’t have the money,” sophomore Malayah Fields said.

Price said while talking to teens, she discovered many girls wear double bras, opt for a stretchier sports bra or wear sweaters in the summer because they’re self-conscious.

“When you want to wear a certain bra, the first thing that goes to your mind is, ‘How much is it?'” sophomore Makaila Bell said.

Sophomore Jaelyn Stevens said that it’s hard to find affordable bras that cater to different body shapes.

“Most times you have to settle for something that’s not exactly what you want,” Stevens said.

According to multiple studies, 80 percent of women are not wearing the right size bra. A bad-fitting bra can stop girls from being active or feeling confident.

Price said she hopes her initiative will change that.

“If you have that self-confidence and you have that happiness and glow, then who knows what you can do,” Price said.

Price is looking for bra donations of all sizes, new or gently used. She has a temporary donation drop-off at Stylez Remedy at 12127 Blue Ridge Blvd., Suite H in Grandview.

She has also started a GoFundMe to help with event planning expenses.

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